Monthly Archive: October 2015

Just how safe is your data? If you use a WD My Passport, apparently it is not very safe

Recently, there was a paper published about Western Digital’s (WD) My Passport series of Hard Drives. Anyways, if you read the full report, it is a great summary of the various points of vulnerability that the drive has. Basically,… (READ MORE)

There is a lack of intellectual curiosity in our society

I am a very curious person.   Whenever there is something new to me, I would love to know the details behind it. Often I am not satisfied about a situation until I have at least some knowledge about an… (READ MORE)

Why you should buy a smaller turkey for Thanksgiving (along with Christmas and whenever you buy a turkey)

This is my first post on food! Thanksgiving just passed in Canada, which interestingly enough is the same day as Columbus Day in the US.   Chris, have you lost your mind?   When I mentioned that, a colleague of… (READ MORE)