People outside of what you are passionate about don’t understand your passion

Have you ever had something that you were really, really passionate about?


Others think it is crazy you would invest so much time and money into something that they see little value in, but  to you, it is part of your reason for existing. That passion may be something personal, such as a hobby, a cause, or something professional. You get a lot of your personal satisfaction from doing that passion very well. There may be up and down days, but you  always look forward to doing something big in that area.


It is strange because only you and other people who are as passionate as you are in the field can truly understand why you love something so much. People can think that you are crazy for investing so much time, energy, money, and everything else into that area.


There are so many posts on the Internet about doing what you love. I think that you should try to do something you enjoy, within your current field – or if you hate your current field, consider making a jump. There does seem to be a positive feedback loop that occurs for people that do what they enjoy doing. Pursuing what you love does not assure happiness nor success, but it greatly increases the probability of doing so. In that regard, passion can give you a rough idea of what you should be choosing, but it is never a guarantee.


The other thing I have learned is to be less judgmental of other people’s passions. A few days ago, I met someone who was really into mountain climbing. Although I very much enjoy hiking and long walks, I have never been big on mountain hiking. I have however learned that if you can get people talking about their passions, they will not stop. I encourage you get other people to do exactly that. Often, you will learn a lot – not just about them and their passion, but about what you never expected to learn about. Openness to new ideas I think is perhaps the most under-rated virtue out there.


Actually, that is something you should consider about life in general – knowledge and success often comes from the areas that you least expect it.

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  1. Benjamin David Steele

    Yes. It is easy to get people to talk about their passions. We all love to express what we love.

    But communicating well is tricky. Sometimes it is hard to understand why an individual is passionate about something, as they can’t explain it, or maybe even understand it in their own mind. Still, the passion itself can be contagious, no matter how strange.

    I have some close friends who are passionate people. They get excited about things and, of course, they want to tell me all about it. It can be interesting learning about what excites people, especially when it might not particularly excite you.

    Sometimes another person’s passion will become my own. After hearing them go on and on about it, I’ll start to see what makes it so fascinating and important. Also, I like trying to connect my passions to the passions of others, when possible.


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