The upgrade to HTTPS had my website down for a bit, but everything is up now

Yesterday I purchased a PositiveSSL certificate through Namecheap.


Anyways, my website was down for a couple of hours because the website did not transition smoothly to HTTPS. I had to bring the site down to smooth out the transition while I did a bit of work. Things are back and running though!  It turns out there were some plugins in the background interfering with the transition.  I would also like to extend my gratitude towards the support team at Namecheap and the many plugin writers that have written so many plugins that made websites like this possible.


All of the images currently in use were converted to SVG

The HTTPS migration seems to have broken the WordPress Media Library, so I converted all of my images to SVG. Now that I think about it, this is probably a good thing.  Initially I thought that there had been something fundamentally wrong with WordPress, as only SVG images were showing, but it has been a day and everything is now back to normal.


I am fortunate that I did not have a large image library to begin with, so it was not too time consuming for me to convert everything to SVG.  That will change with time though as this website expands. It is a good thing though that I made the decision to change early on in the lifecycle of this website. Otherwise, I fear I would have had a great deal more images to convert!


Now that I think about it, converting to SVG is probably a good idea for the future anyways.

  • Although SVG files individually do take up more space than a comparable high resolution PNG file, it is net a savings in space because you do not need to have as many images of different sizes for different resolutions
  • They can be scaled as needed. This is important because as monitor sizes continue to move upwards (circa 2015, 4k is slowly becoming more and more common, and 8k is expected in the 2020s), it would require updating images to reflect this.
  • Defined by the XML format (a DOM node-based API), which makes it easier to edit.


So I am leaning towards moving all images to the SVG format. The only drawbacks I see are that WordPress support is not as good as I would like, and the fact that a few older browsers don’t support SVG. All recent browsers support it and there is a plugin that does support SVG.


My images in PNG appear to be back to normal now, but the move had me worried at first.  As indicated, I am going to be using SVG where possible from here on.


I suppose that one drawback is that SVG files could potentially provide a security risk, so I will be closely looking at any images that anyone uploads.


HTTPS will now be mandated

I’ve added the following code in as well into my htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

All incoming traffic should now be directed to HTTPS.


Issues still remaining

The site icon seems to only work in Chrome, while other browsers seem to block it.  I will be addressing this later on.



The transition left me down for a little bit, but I am not out.


I am still trying to see if I cannot get large file sizes to upload successfully (there seem to be issues there). Please feel free to let me know if you spot any issues that you would like me to address.

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