I am expecting downtime while changing to Crocweb (Edit: Switch successful)

Update: The switch was successful and everything seems to be ok.  Kudos to the Crocweb team for their fast support.



After a lot of careful research, I’ve made the decision to move to CrocWeb, a Canadian website host with servers in Montreal.


I am currently using Namecheap, for both my hosting and domain registry. Although very competitively priced seems to have very high latency on their servers. I suspect that the reason was because they oversold their services, which is why they are able to offer it for such a competitive price. Also, on the note of Namecheap, as I indicated in my previous post, I will continue to recommend their domain name registry services though.  Their tech support seems to be pretty decent as well.


Anyways  I am expecting some downtime. CrocWeb seems to provide cPanel migration, so I guess I will see how that goes. I expect though some downtime while the Nameservers propagate, which could take 24-48 hours. Email too will likely be down for a bit.


For anyone that is interested, right now Crocweb seems to have a big 80% discount (use CROCBOX2015 as the code until Dec 28 2015) for hosting. Most web hosts seem to have discounts at around this time so if you are looking to switch, now is a good time.

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