Personal leaderboard for computer parts – fast summary

I’m not usually a big fan of brand loyalty, but there are a few companies that I think have done well enough that they deserve a spot on the leaderboard for computer parts.


This is a summary of what I consider to be the top computer parts vendors for everything.  It’s not intended to be a “best bang for buck” as much as it is top components for everything. I don’t imagine thast


Fast Summary


  • CPUs: Intel
  • Motherboards: MSI XPower series
  • GPUs: MSI Lightning series
  • RAM: G.Skill Trident series
  • Cooling Fans:  Gentle Typhoon
  • Power supplies:   EVGA’s Super Flower Leadex Line. I will also give a nod to Corsair’s Flextronics lines and Seasonic.
  • Cases: Case Labs
  • CPU Coolers: Tie between Cryorig and Noctua
  • Keyboards: Currently Ducky Channel
  • SSDs: Samsung Pro series
  • Hard drives: Western Digital Black or Seagate Enterprise Capacity


Water cooling

  • Blocks: Aquacomputer
  • Radiators:  Tie between EK and HWLabs
  • Tubing: Tygon Norprene (I would like to experiment with Teflon tubing for computers)
  • Fittings: Bitspower (although with Hardline tubing, stainless steel push-in fittings are worth exploring)


I do not have a preference right now for mice, audio components (go with audiophile brands), or displays.


I will put a more in depth post later on.

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