Some lessons from a dying motherboard

It would appear that my computer recently died on me. It would appear that my motherboard has died and that it may have taken out the CPU with it. I am currently typing this from my phone.

The board had been showing signs of trouble for the past few weeks, and there were random shutdowns at times. It seems like the only thing that I can do is to send the board back. I am fortunate that it is still within the warranty period and have returned the board for warranty repair. Hopefully it is replaced with a working motherboard soon.

In the meantime, I have begun purchasing the parts for a new desktop system. With any luck, all of the parts will be here by next weekend, or at least Easter weekend by the latest. As a replacement, I have decided to migrate To Intel’s X99 platform with a 5820K as my CPU,  an MSI X99 Xpower, and 32GB of GSkill DDR4.

Normally, I like to share some sort of insight. It is that computers and hardware do die. One of the biggest thing ld is that you have to be prepared for the possibility of that happening. That does mean backing up data of course, but also having potentially a backup system.

I  suppose that the other is that I have to hope that my other components are intact. I already have suspected that my CPU may be dead. I tried to plug it into a Z97 motherboard with no success. Once my replacement board arrives, I will verify.  I just hope that my SSD are OK, as they are vulnerable to power loss.

One final key insight is that one should buy a motherboard and other computer components from manufacturers who honor warranties. I would argue that the after-sales support of a company is every bit as important as the pre-sales and quality of products. You never know what can go wrong with what you buy. You may need warranty support even if you treat your computer parts well.

Quite a few people ask me for advice on their hardware purchasing decisions and increasingly, I have been weighing the quality of a company’s technical support more heavily in my purchasing recommendations.  Needless to say, there are quite a few companies that try to worm their way out of their responsibilities. I try to warn people about companies that do so before purchasing these days.

Perhaps that should be the case with all purchases. Buy from companies that treat their customers well.

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