Crystal Survey

I am currently working on a project called Crystal, which hopes to combine the world’s experts through reputation by storing the reputation data of  participants on a blockchain. The goal will be to identify the world’s best experts and to pool their knowledge to help address the world’s greatest challenges. Currently the project is at the beginning stage, and the team is trying to collect some information.

Anyways, if you are interested in helping participate, there are 2 surveys. The first is a survey on crowdsourcing, asking about what platforms you use, frequency of use, what you like and dislike about crowdsourcing. There is also one on online platforms as well. The links are below:

Thanks, everyone on the Crystal team appreciates your help.

For more information about Crystal:

Looking for a statistics expert with a computer science background

I should also take the time to mention that the Crystal team is looking for a statistics expert that has a computer science background to become the team Data Specialist. Essentially the purpose of the role will be to turn the whitepaper, which is currently being drafted into code. The ideal would be a person with a background in machine learning. At first we will be doing simulations to populate our graph database with tests, but then the real product will be launched. The Data Specialist will be heavily involved in both steps and further revisions of the product.

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