A quick time saver for updating WordPress Plugins

I just learned about this today, but I would advise setting your WordPress to automatically update all your plugins.  I often find that I do not have the time log in and update all of my personal plugins so I find that automating these functions is invaluable to me.

Go to your wp-config.php file (found in the public_html folder) and enter the following.

/** Automatically updates the plugins and themes  */
add_filter( ‘auto_update_plugin’, ‘__return_true’ );
add_filter( ‘auto_update_theme’, ‘__return_true’ );

This will allow you to automatically update the theme and your plugins to the latest version. I would recommend double checking the file to ensure that the file change successfully applied.

Likewise, you can also program WordPress to automatically update WordPress versions (this should be done automatically anyways).  You can enter this line in the same file, wp-config.php so that WordPress automatically updates.

define(‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, true);

Updating WordPress, plugins, and themes can be very important, especially for security reasons. There are often bugs found in WordPress that require immediate patching. I’m glad that the latest version of WordPress is updated regularly, but the same should be done for plugins and themes. I am surprised that there is no built-in option to do this automatically. I think that this should be addressed in a future version of WordPress, but for now, that is not the case. WordPress does have a function that enables some plugins, but not all plugins. This should ensure that all updates and themes automatically update.

Happy blogging!


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