Verity, a project that could just change the world

Over the past few months, I have been working closely with my colleagues on a start-up called Verity.

Verity is a startup that hopes to change the world by unifying the world’s experts. Verity uses the cryptocurrency Ethereum to store reputation on the blockchain.


What is Verity trying to solve?

Have you ever been on a social media website or a site of any type where there are tons of posters or sellers or people in general and you are trying to sort the wheat from the chaff?

Every website that offers the ability for people to comment, buy, sell, etc. have one big challenge. The problem they face is that of sorting out the quality commentators, buyers, sellers, or audiences in general from the ones who do not leave a great deal of good quality contributions. That can be time consuming and very emotionally draining if manual curation is applied. Barring manual curation, there are limited ways to sort the good from the bad. Let’s look at what solutions currently exist:

  • Typically posters on social media tend to have the ability to Upvote and in many cases Downvote. It is a far from perfect system however, as votes can simply be due to popularity rather than content.
  • Many forums have the ability to have reputation. Again, it is a far from perfect system and one that could use improvements. It is not too inconceivable that posters could get reputation for low quality posters.
  • Sites such as eBay have the ability to sort based on the percentage and to live positive or negative feedback, with a short blurb about the person.

Enter Verity, which will store reputation on the blockchain and greatly simplify the whole process. This will allow for:

  • Top contributors on forums to be quickly identified and known.
  • The best buyers and sellers to be known so that a website can succeed in building trust.
  • Other important experts in specific fields identified.

The goal will ultimately be to unify the world’s greatest minds together.



Our whitepaper

We are very proud today to be announcing the release of our Whitepaper. It will tell you more about what Verity is and how it plans to change reputation forever.

Learn more here:

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