About me

About Me


Hello and thanks for stopping by.


My name is Chris Liu and I live in Ontario, Canada. This website will function as my blog, my professional website, my personal views, my reviews, and my “how to” on certain things.


I am an Accountant currently in the process of completing my designation, a technological enthusiast, and an extremely curious person. That is why I choose to “Curious Gadfly” as my title.


On the Myers-Briggs Test, I was an INTJ. I have wondered a great deal about the significance of that, as sometimes I score INTP. I suppose in that regard, it does seem quite accurate. It’s interesting to note that the Myers Briggs has been passed on in the psychology world in favour of the “Big Five”. That said, I think there is a lot to be said about being curious. I think that it is a skill that everyone should build on.


This website is relatively young and I am planning to expand it as much as I can in the future, so please forgive the current lack of content. There’s a lot of new content that I would love to post on this website, time permitting. Anyways, I have opened up an “Open Thread” if there is anything you think I should write about.


I hope you enjoyed your visit!