Self-improvement, life skills, and motiviation

This is where I will discuss ideas for improving myself, different skills, and motivation through adversity.

Communicating technical topics to people who do not have expertise in the subject matter: Part One

Have you ever struggled to understand what someone was saying when they were trying to communicate a complex topic in a subject matter where your expertise was limited? Conversely, have you ever had difficulties in explaining a complex idea to… (READ MORE)

Learning ability: What you will develop into matters the most over what skills you have now

Earlier, I wrote a post, noting that long term potential and character are more important than what a person currently has. That is true in terms of their income, their wealth (as measured by net worth rather than what their… (READ MORE)

There is a lack of intellectual curiosity in our society

I am a very curious person.   Whenever there is something new to me, I would love to know the details behind it. Often I am not satisfied about a situation until I have at least some knowledge about an… (READ MORE)