Comment Policy

To begin with, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my comment policy.


If you have something you would like to discuss with me that you would prefer not to be publicly seen, feel free to send me a private message using the “Contact Me” on the menu. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


My Policy


At the moment, I plan to be manually approving all posts. I reserve the right to approve, delete, and modify any comment posts on my website that I see fit. Also, if you comment on my website, I reserve the right to refer to it later on.


I’ve moderated forums before. It is a tough job and you have to have a thick skin. It also means though that you get to see the worst of the Internet.


I expect a reasonable level of maturity and decency to post on my blog. I welcome discussion and dissent, but keep the tone reasonable. I will hold the discussion to a higher standard on my personal website than any forum. You do not have to agree with me on everything, and frankly, it is probably good that you do not or our society would have a very high degree of group-think, but if you do take a dissenting opinion, please keep the tone reasonable and use facts. I love quality discussion, but remember, if you disagree, focus on the argument, and try to avoid attacking the person. Ultimately, it is not about being right that matters, it is the search for truth that really matters. It is something that we often forget in the passion of our arguments. 


All posts that I consider of spamming, trolling, offensive, or of a generally unpleasant nature will be moderated. I don’t like censorship and I think there’s a lot more of it than our society is willing to admit. However, I feel that given the direction the Internet has turned, I feel like I have no practical choice. It used to be that the Internet was an exclusive venue for geeks to talk, but that has changed, and in some regards, not for the better. Sadly as the Internet has become popularized, the average quality of comment has taken a downward trend. This is my personal website, and I would like to keep the signal to noise ratio of the comments to be favorable, if not eliminating the noise entirely.


I hope that I will never have to use this authority, but I reserve the right to ban for repeat offenders and to go back to wipe out their posts.


Finally, I would also ask that users make an effort to make appropriate spelling, grammar, and to avoid the use of “mobile phone text” language.  I would like to recognize that I am not perfect about this matter myself (nobody is), but I think that it is reasonable to ask people to make an attempt at presenting themselves. I reserve the right to withhold comments from moderation if I see terrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I understand that English is not everybody’s native language, but I feel like it is necessary to hold a high standard on this matter.





I don’t like making these rules, but I think that I have no alternative but to do so, because of the nature of comments today. Anyways, I’m reasonably certain that if you are reading this still, that you will do your best as humanely possible to follow my guidelines. I think that active moderation is the “lesser evil” option at this point.


I wish that this were not necessary, but when comments are posted, it reflects not just on you, but on me, particularly as this is my website, what you post affects me and how others will see me, along with everyone else who posts here who associates with me. Please remember that when posting here. Comment sites throughout the web have become a source of troubles and in many cases have been phased out (see Popular Science for example). Others, such as Ars Technica, have had to make appeals to their users to behave. I am hoping that I will never have to take such measures.


I hope that you will understand why this has become necessary. I don’t want to censor, but I feel I have to for preventing spam, trolls, and keeping my sanity intact.


Closing Statement


I wish I did not have to make these rules, but the realities of our modern society force me to.  I just wish there were a way to attract “good comments only” across the web. Perhaps in the future there might be. However for now, I cannot. Anyways, if you abide by these rules, I’m sure that we will get along nicely. To everyone who is an outstanding poster, please accept my apologies that I had to put you through this page and I am sure that we will get along very well. I hope that you will learn something from this website, perhaps learn about me, and that I will learn from the comments. I wish you all the best and welcome you to my website. I look forward to reading your comments. Learning after all is an ongoing experience.




I am open to feedback to change this, but I think it a reasonable policy, and you would have to have a pretty good reason for advocating any changes.