Open Thread

This is my website’s open thread page.


It’s a page where anyone can comment about anything that does not fit in any single post.

  1. If you are stopping by and would just like to leave a comment.
  2. Feedback for the website.
  3. Any topics that you would like to me to write about.
  4. Anything else that you would love to discuss with me that does not fit any other topic.


For any sensitive topics or anything you don’t want the world to see, feel free to send me a personal message. Alternatively, indicate in the comment that you would like it held in moderation and I will do so.

I will move comments from other threads that I deem are outstanding in quality, but off topic to the Open Thread as well.

Please note that the standard moderation rules regarding the comment policy will apply.

Thanks and Happy Commenting!


  1. Benjamin David Steele

    You were wise to create a comment policy page. I should have done that when I first started my blog.

    But back then i didn’t realize the type of comments one can get or how easily discussions can get derailed. I’ve come to realize how important it is to set a tone for one’s blog. A free-for-all isn’t usually very pretty or enjoyable or all that useful.

    The other great idea for maintaining a semblance of order is an open thread. You have the right idea about moving comments here that are off topic elsewhere. That is another thing I should have done from the beginning of my blog.

    1. Chris Liu (Post author)

      There do seem to be quite a few websites that create open thread pages.

      It is natural for humans when discussing something to derail to something else. That happens even with regular conversation I find. Actually I find it is easier for me to get off-topic when discussing something as well too. There are often very well written comments i find that may not always belong in the main post page that do belong in some sort of an “open thread” page. It also gives other people the ability to say what they think to you when it is relevant.

      No, a free-for-all is not an ideal state. The other big challenge I suppose is that the Internet being what it is has attracted quite a few trolls. I wish it were not necessary to approve of all comments manually, but in practice, I think that there is no viable alternative. Perhaps in the future, software can get better at filtering out Internet trolls. Until then, manual approval will have to be the way to go.

      I have noticed that the New York Times, although I do not always agree with every single writer there, was able to attract a very high quality commentator base. I think that it is the tone that they have set.


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